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Little Miss sew ‘n sew..

Button OOAK art doll

I spent the weekend in London and found myself at ‘The Cloth House’,My friend and I squeeled with delight at the vintage haberdashery items placed around the shop with casual flair..I felt like I was in my own little Haberdashery Heaven..Wooden cotton reels,giant old scissors,shabby chic cabinets,not to mention all the beautiful fabrics…Little Miss sew ‘n sew is inspired by the items in the shop,The borrowers and Pippi Longstocking..I had her in my head and just had to make her.I decided to make the figurine entirely from polymer clay..To be honest it was like working with bubblegum!In the future I will stick to doing the face in polymer clay and the body in epoxy.Anyway,I managed to capture the essence of the idea I had in my head and thats the main thing.

A bit of Steampunk…

steampunk artjewelry Steampunk jewelry


steampunk art box


Bobbin’ along

The button thief

Girl on a fuse

Tattys box frame

tattys box frame

I had an idea I couldnt quite picture in my mind.I could feel it ,but not see it.This is what I made, and it has the exact feeling I began with all those months ago.I usually make things to sell,but this time I made something to please myself.Intead of rushing through it,I took my precious time.The box is made from an old 'Make do and mend' book and the fashion section of a newspaper that was lining a drawer of mine for donkeys years.The Characters and garments are made with love and scraps of a dear bears'coat...

To noble bears and their coats…

the story of tattys jacket

The keeper of the needle

keeper of the needle

I like it, it is brown…

it is brown

The pin cushion bot bot

pin cushion

The seamstress

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annA Ryder’s Bag

collage of recycled craft techniques

In the summer of of 2009, annA Ryder led a creative workshop for Mum’s and kids at Catesby Street Sure Start Centre. It sparked our imaginations and got our creative minds ticking… Karen Hall and I decided to make a gift for annA… an outofthebox, recycled, freestyle, pleasuretothesenses gift that would befit a creative soul. We drew, cut, sewed, hammered, glued, stitched, embroidered, rivetted and merged our creative ideas…

A Peek Inside

Embroidered inner of leather bag

Karen sews up a storm

Creative Minds Merge

plug prong toggle

Spark Plug Toggle

Spark Plug Toggle

The Inner Pocket

Inner pocket

Ta Da! The Bag is Ready for it’s Owner.

Hand Crafted Leather Bag by Feythcrafts